Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear internet

(or rather, dear lovely kind people who read this blog)

Some advice if you can, please. We are planning to have Matteo's christening in June, if I get my act together and check that the date our preferred priest (who married us) is available tallies with the church availability. So far, so fine. But what to do afterwards? I know it's traditional to have some kind of meal/tea/party, but we seriously do not have room to have people over to our house, even if it is a sunny day and we can corral everyone outside. June days in London can be sunny (our wedding day in 2006 was glorious, as were the few days following), but nothing is guaranteed. Especially not the weather forecast...

Any suggestions? It would be nice not to have to leave the church and that be the end of the celebration. We could book a big table in a restaurant, but we can't afford to pay for everyone, and something more relaxed would suit me better.

Actually, (how satisfying it is when blogging about a problem provides an answer) what I would really like - and I will do this, but may be stymied by the weather - is to have a big picnic in the town park, which is in walking distance from the church. People could BYO blankets to sit on, and a plate of food, we could provide drinks (and we could even buy them en route). Now, that I like.

(But please do make any other suggestions you can think of. Especially if you've ever lived in an English terraced house and wanted to have a party!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Turns out there is an excellent free way to share videos of baby behaviour with my family in Australia. Sure beats emailing huge attachments.

Matteo is moving out of the Moses basket into the cot tonight. Fingers crossed it will be almost as smooth as moving him to his own room was.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Matteo was in bed at 8pm last night. This morning I woke around 7, and went in to his room at 7.30 as I'd heard nothing from him and he is usually awake earlier. He was lying in his Moses basket, arms by his sides, peacefully awake. When he saw me, he smiled a quietly delighted smile, and kept on smiling as I told him I was going downstairs to get his bottle. I came back up to find him still quiet, still beaming.

What an angel-boy. He's now asleep on his playmat.